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Alternative Spare Parts “Made in Germany”

SPS GmbH Spare Parts Services – Services

OEM spare parts: high prices and often long delivery times…



Are your expenses getting out of hand?We offer you a way of responding pro-actively:


SPS GmbH provides an alternative source of spare parts for the KHS® (SIG®) BLOMAX®, CORPOPLAST® (KRUPP®) and KRONES®, CONTIFORM®.


We aim to provide high-quality yet inexpensive spare parts for PET-SBMs, transport systems and IF lamps as an alternative to the usual OEM parts.


Quality “Made in Germany”


We endeavour to design and build state-of-the-art components.


Our main business objective is to meet our customers’ demand for quality and satisfaction.


With the help of detailed metallurgical tests, including spectral analysis, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and the examination of the crystalline structure, as well as Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness tests, we determine the chemical composition of the materials involved and their physical properties, which are achieved through surface finishing and modification of the crystalline microstructure.


In our construction department, CAD tools are used to draw plans of the designs. These are the starting point for our quality assurance. SOLID WORKS + SOLID CAM provide all the data needed for successful mass production.


We use the latest horizontal and vertical milling equipment. Axially symmetric components are made at our high-performance CNC turning and milling stations.


Something to note:


SPS GmbH is an independent, German, quality-oriented company. We would like to emphasise that we are not under licence from KHS/SIG, Krones.

KHS®, SIG®, BLOMAX®, KRUPP®, CORPOPLAST® are registered trademarks of Salzgitter AG/Klöckner-Werke.

KRONES®, CONTIFORM® and KOSME® are registered trademarks of KRONES AG.


Production parts are in constant use!


Many components are subject to extremely high demands.


Finishing processes such as armouring and corrosion protection do not pose a problem, even when aggressive media are involved.


Furthermore we offer special treatments such as Kolsterising stainless steel, vacuum hardening, case hardening, carbonitriding, long-term gas nitriding, gas nitrocarburising and oxidation, GNX-OX plasma nitriding, salt bath nitrocarburising as well as all the usual surface treatments in accordance with MIL-A-8625, MIL-C-5541 and LN 9368.


You too can benefit from our comprehensive range of parts:


Being certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001:2015 means that all our operations are fully transparent, from sourcing the materials right through to the final inspection. Depending on customer requirements, we document and certify conformity of the materials and supply detailed test charts.


This gives you a tool to prevent overrunning your budget for maintenance and repairs.


Now it’s up to you!


In addition, we manufacture alternative spare parts for the following areas:


 Bottling and filling of liquids, powders and solids

 Construction of special-purpose machinery

 Packaging industry

 Ship propulsion systems and marine pumps

 Transportation systems


Our current range of parts comprises several hundred items. We will be happy to tell you more about what we can offer you.


We look forward to hearing from you

Your SPS GmbH team