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Your Partner for Alternative Spare Parts Solutions

SPS GmbH Spare Parts Services

Inexpensive alternatives for components subject to heavy wear and tear



Procuring spare parts – We offer a genuine option!


In order to keep your operations running smoothly over long periods of time, it is essential that you carry out the necessary servicing at the prescribed intervals. This is still true long after the manufacturer’s warranty on your valuable machinery has expired.


Similarly, bottlenecks in the availability of key wear parts can be very annoying. Cost-intensive stockkeeping of spares is usually undesirable in economic terms. To minimise retooling times, and to avoid downtimes, many companies are constantly on the lookout for reliable sources of spare parts.


SPS GmbH offers numerous means of interaction, so as to prevent you from depending entirely on OEM spares supplied by the manufacturer. Our spare parts are highly competitive! In addition to their high level of availability, you also achieve measurable cost savings – two good reasons for requesting a quote.


In addition, we manufacture alternative spares for the following areas:


 Bottling and filling of liquids, powders and solids

 Construction of special-purpose machinery

 Packaging industry

 Ships’ engines, marine pumps

 Transportation systems


Quality “Made in Germany”


Our product range is expanding all the time and currently includes several hundred parts which have been designed based on samples using reverse engineering.


This method uses original samples as a pattern.


 Metallurgical analyses are used to determine the composition of the starting materials and their physical properties. These methods include spectral analyses, X-ray fluorescence (XRF), the examination of the crystalline structure, and various hardness tests.


 2D and 3D measuring devices provide the exact dimensions for producing engineering drawings that are faithful to the original.


 The engineering drawings are produced using computer-assisted design tools.


 The parts are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment. Quality assurance checks are carried out after every step.


 Different methods of surface finishing are used, depending on the conditions under which the parts are to be used. Once all the requirements have been tested and confirmed, there is nothing to stop the 1:1 model from being put to successful use.


Manufacturing alternative spare parts based on samples:


If you provide us with a sample in mint condition, we can use it to manufacture the required components.


Our customers include well-known companies in the beverage, cosmetic, food, cleaning products and detergent industries.


Certified production:


Our Quality Management is certified to DIN ISO EN 9001:2015.


Our alternative spare parts offer you the perfect way to avoid having to rely exclusively on licensed OEM products.


Certified partners:


We can help you! When specialised manufacturing methods are required, we cooperate closely with other certified subcontractors.


Strictly monitored and selected suppliers are responsible for the quality of the materials delivered.


Immediate delivery:


In general, our well-stocked warehouse means considerable savings in cost and time for scheduled orders. To ensure that spare parts are available at short notice as required, we also offer you the option of a contractually guaranteed immediate delivery, which ensures that parts will be delivered to specified plants within the EU WITHIN 48 HOURS.


Each customer receives exactly what they need for their business!

Because reliable service makes for happy customers.

For over 10 years we have been devoting ourselves to our customers’ needs with tremendous joy and passion.


Have we aroused your interest in our services?Speak to us about it.


Your SPS GmbH team